What is the long term goal of PeBL? 
To contribute to the embodiment and practice of 21st century skills, preparing learners to realize their full potential in all aspects of life.

Lessons may still involve a teacher instructing an entire class from time to time, but often in a PeBL classroom you will see:

   ● A teacher working one-on-one or with a small group of students.
   ● Students working collaboratively in a small group solving a real world problem.
   ● Students working independently at their own pace using online resources.
   ● Students assessing their growth to set personal learning goals.
   ● Flexible classroom spaces designed to support individual learning styles.

PeBL classrooms provide learning opportunities that support students in developing the following skills:
   ● Communication
   ● Collaboration
   ● Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
   ● Critical Thinking
   ● Character
   ● Cultural and Ethical Citizenship
   ● Computer and Digital Technologies
PeBL implementation
We will reflect on and document our current state (A) and then, as a collective, embark on three distinct phases of change (B, C & D):

A) Readiness Assessments

   ● Student Readiness
   ● Classroom Readiness
   ● School Readiness
   ● Division Readiness

B) Culture Building

REORDER Framework
   ● Relationships – We are ALL mentors.
   ● Environment – We provide flexible learning environments.
   ● Opportunities – We provide voice and choice.
   ● Resources – We access people, knowledge, technology & our skills.
   ● Distribution of Leadership – We are learners that lead.
   ● Evaluation – We set goals and measure growth.
   ● Recognition – We honour growth in who we are & what we learn.

C) Character Building

   ● Capable of self-regulation
   ● Possess grit, perseverance, tolerance
   ● Appreciate life-long learning
   ● Be productive
   ● Be tolerant and fair
   ● Have mental and physical well being
   ● Understand their learner profile

D) Skills & Knowledge Building (I Do, We Do, You Do)

   ● Curriculum
   ● Skills
   ● Planning, Instruction and Assessment